Moving Here

Whether you are a family of 1, 2 or 6 there are many living options available, all within just 30 minutes of the farm.

  • Fifteen minutes away is our hometown of Grenfell, population of 974 and growing. Grenfell offers many large and small businesses, a grocery store, and so much more! With all the friendly people and nonstop community events you’ll never want to stay in. Visit www.grenfell.ca
  • If small town feel and big city convenience is your style, why not try Melville? Located just 30 minutes north of the Farm, Melville has a population of around 1400 people and all the conveniences of living in a more urban setting. Check out www.melville.ca for more info.
  • Just 30 minutes south and east along the number one highway, Broadview is a friendly little community with many businesses and people just waiting to greet you. The town of Broadview has a grocery store, large health care facility, bakery and so much more to offer! Find more info on their website: www.broadview.com        
  • Slightly closer to Regina - and still only 30 minutes from the farm - Wolseley offers many small businesses and a population of 782 people. Just 1 hour from Regina, it is both a convenient and fun place to live. Check out www.Wolseley.ca  for more info.

For current listings in these and other locations including farms and acreages, or just more information on the area contact one of our local real estate experts:

Mel Cole: 1-306-697-3323



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