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Video recorded summer of 2010. Please note that change is inevitable and growth has occurred but our values and core beliefs have not wavered.

At Land and Sky Grains we are committed to producing the finest quality grains in a sustainable model. Sustainability, for us, lies on three pillars: Environmental, Social and Economic.

We adopt operational and field practices that protect environmentally sensitive areas. Years of direct seeding have virtually eliminated wind and water erosion. To enable wildlife to flourish within a modern field-scale operation we consider wildlife habitat utilizing Sask Water ratings and recommendations.

A challenge inspires us to set a goal, choose a plan and take action. We have developed a strategic business plan that allows our business to grow upon the foundations laid. We encourage growth for all our team members, both personally and professionally.

An international team of dedicated and reliable workers is the frontline on our farm. The excitement of Western Canada’s large grain farms is attracting a diverse group from around the world. We strive to create an atmosphere where every member can achieve their potential and realize their dreams. We believe in hiring talent to enhance the team. Health and safety-awareness are our priorities. Teamwork and respect for one another ensures everyone’s safety. We recognize team members for their efforts with bonuses and benefits. Without the team there is no dream!

We believe the words of a leading economist, “The future will always belong to those who see the possibilities before they become obvious.” We seek answers to our many questions and ideas from consultants with expertise in marketing, business management, finance and agronomy. The advice of this strong professional advisory team has guided us in developing a global attitude geared toward consumer demand.

World Shared Agriculture – intensifying large scale production to meet the demands of thousands of consumers around the world. We are able to meet specific consumer demands through Identity-Preserved Food Markets. Our quality-assured grains, backed by On-Farm Food Safety Practises and Records satisfy buying trends of the world. We take pride in the fact that we can provide processors and consumers with the information of where their food comes from and how it is produced. Our website, is enabled to provide detailed production data to those who require it. These are some of the factors that promote economic sustainability on our farm.

The legacy that we desire to leave for our family is one in which we lead by example, believing that children learn best when working and playing alongside a parent. The farm provides the perfect setting for achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle that includes education, exercise, spiritual growth and the great outdoors. We encourage the young members of our family to be involved in Agriculutre... and we will continue to do so because we see a positive future in this great industry. We are committed to social sustainability.

Land and Sky Grains...focusing on our consumer, we dedicate our farm with its clean air, healthy soil and beautiful clear skies to the production of safe wholesome food.


At Land and Sky Grains we are seeking motivated team members.

If you are considering joining the team at Land and Sky Grains, please complete this short contact form to submit with a resume (including references), and/or contact Ryan at 306-697-7727 or Lauren at 306-697-7509 or email us at

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