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At Land and Sky Grains, our vision, "Empowering Sustainable Agriculture", is the drive leading all that we do and produce. Our mission is "to seek fitting and viable growth opportunities". We operate under four strategic intents that centre around efficient Production, enhanced Marketing, growth in Finances and intensified Management.

Our focus is on Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability. Voluntary soil protection practices, early but informed adoption of technology, diversification, annual growth, continued education and hosting international tourists all contribute to our increasing sustainability.



World-Shared Agriculture

At Land and Sky Grains we are committed to meeting consumer demands. We've taken direct marketing a step further and step larger by meeting the demands of thousands of consumers around the world via Identity Preserved Food Markets. Identity Preserved Grains are those grains which require isolation to preserve purity. These quality-assured grains serve to meet specific consumer demands. We have formed a relationship of open and direct communication with the companies producing wholesome foods from our grains. Operating inside this type of value chain, we are able to satisfy the buying trends of the world. Up to 75% of our acres are devoted to contract through IP Programs.

These programs require specified cleaning of seeding, harvesting, handling, storage and transportation equipment, along with documentation as proof. The increased demand for food safety and traceability has led us to construct large, aerated temperature-cable-equipped grain storage facilities. This new technology, along with intensified management, enables us to meet On-Farm Food Safety protocol.

Warburtons Family Bakers, United Kingdom

Adam Dyck, Program Manager, Warburtons and Lauren

Warburtons Family Bakery in the UK requires functionality specs in their flour to produce the high quality bread their consumers are demanding. In committing to meet these specs we keep a comprehensive bin map and representative samples which allow accurate delivery on sales and trust to develop in our relationship with these companies. In winter we use a natural Saskatchewan advantage, extreme cold, and lower grain temperatures to -30C via aeration. By providing quality grain and records we became the largest Canadian producer for Warburtons in both the 2010 and the 2016 growing seasons.

Canada Malting Co.

Canada Malting Co selects Identity Preserved Malt varieties based on consumer preferences and our Direct-to-Maltster relationship promotes selection. In the past we supplied 24 rail cars of malt barley to Canada Malt.

It is our belief that the future of Agriculture will be dictated by Energy, Ecology and Healthcare.